At home
in many markets

As a developer and manufacturer of plastic components Gevaplast already provides a wide range of products, services and applications that are used in different industries. We operate in the most various fields, from the food sector and the toy industry to mining companies.

There’s a lid
for every pot

Each sector has its specific needs and wishes.

At Gevaplast we are used to this through many years of experience, from high-quality food packaging and construction equipment to insulators and toys. For your sector too we can find the right plastic solution.


High-quality technical parts

For every sector we can deliver and design products that meet your requirements and those of the market.

Customized solution

Thanks to our R&D service we are able to think along with our clients to find the right plastic solution.

Here with you

Through every step of the process we ask ourselves how to produce in the most sustainable way, with your wishes and demands in mind.

Some products

Protection and publicity

A good packaging has different functions. It has to provide the best protection for your product, and express the values and vision you want to emphasize as well. In that way you will get the attention of your clients.


At Gevaplast we are flexible and translate your wishes and ideas to a plastic solution that meets your demands for the product that needs to be packed.

Sustainable approach

We offer a sustainable and responsible approach that supports the circular economy.

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Strong and durable

Despite the many messages about the negative pr of plastic parts, plastic remains an indispensable raw material for various applications. It is a very good insulator and in spite of its lightweight, incredibly strong. It is our duty at Gevaplast to think about how plastic can be the best alternative to your product and how we can make it as durable as possible.


With over 60 years of experience in the injection moulding sector, we know as no other which plastic applications to use in the different industries.

Long term relationship

Mutual trust is crucial for the production of technical parts. Rest assured that we strive for the best service for every client, before, during, and after sale. What we as an industrial company expect from our suppliers, we guarantee for our clients.

Some products

Even more possibilities?

Do not hesitate to contact us to take a look at the different possibilities.